Bert Stinson Road in Morgan County collapsing, closed indefinitely

By Steven Dilsizian


A Morgan County road is shutdown indefinitely because portions of it are collapsing. Bert Stinson Road is eroding at a fast pace and has become too dangerous for drivers.

WAAY 31 has learned the repair process could take multiple weeks. 

Gary Logan lives on Bert Stinson Road and found construction workers in his front yard. The culvert pipes underneath the road are broken. Logan says the rain water would flood the streets with nowhere to go.

"Nature.... it takes a toll," Logan said. "The pipe got stopped up, it [water] came over and started eroding this here."

Morgan County District 3 Commissioner Don Stisher made the call to close the road on Saturday. 

"According to engineering studies, it's going to be several weeks till we get all the material in place, the culverts ordered," Stisher said.

Plenty of people will be impacted by the road closure. Stisher says emergency services will be forced to find alternate routes to the area, and students in the Morgan County School System will have to get to class another way. 

"Morgan County Schools are impacted," Stisher said. "This route covers a lot of the Eva, Brewer school system as well as Falkville."

WAAY 31 is told repairs could cost $75,000. Logan says the money might as well be spent now.

"It's just hard to defeat nature," Logan said. 

Stisher tells WAAY 31 this problem isn't just on Bert Stinson Road. He said there are three other locations facing similar issues.