Voices for Victims

I-Team Special Report: Voices For Victims


I-Team: Judge moves up mental evaluation hearing in Jimmy Spencer case

Judge Tim Riley issued an order Tuesday moving a May 6 hearing up to 10 a.m. April 29 in the Marshall County Courthouse.

Attorney General Steve Marshall lays out legislative fix for Parole Board

The bill to fix the parole board was introduced in the judiciary committee Wednesday morning.

WAAY 31 honored by victims advocacy group for Jimmy Spencer investigation

The Victims of Crime and Leniency group (VOCAL) presented Breken Terry and WAAY 31 with the "Voices for Victims Media Award."

I-Team: Judge grants defense's motion to delay hearing in Jimmy Spencer case

Spencer was serving a life sentence before he was let out on parole and broke conditions of this parole. He is now charged with killing three people, including a child, in Guntersville.

I-Team: Motion filed to continue Jimmy Spencer's psychiatric evaluation hearing

The psychiatric evaluation hearing has already been continued once.

WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: Proposed bill would let some convicted killers out sooner

A WAAY 31 I-Team investigation uncovered flaws in the Alabama parole system and showed how violent inmates were being paroled early. Now, there’s a proposed bill to let some convicted killers out sooner.

WAAY 31 I-Team: Parole Board releases February progress report

The board says it will launch a new website on March 31, 2019, to better notify victims about parole hearings.

I-Team: Governor Ivey tasks former parole board member with observation of current parole board

Victims' families told WAAY 31 they trust Bobby Longshore to do the job right.

I-Team: Motion granted to continue Jimmy Spencer's psychiatric evaluation hearing

Spencer was serving a life sentence before he was let out on parole and broke conditions of this parole.

I-Team: Alabama Parole Board releases update on corrective plan

All of this stems from a WAAY31 investigation into the parole board’s policies and procedures.

I-Team: Gov. Ivey, attorney general respond to parole board action plan

Ivey and Marshall said in the letter they are not happy about the parole board seeking an outside consultant when it comes to organizational structure, employee morale, and executive leadership.

I-Team: Governor and Attorney General plan to release second response to parole board next week

The governor put a stop to early paroles in October 2018 and advised the board to fix its issues.

I-Team: Parole board's corrective action plan not approved by Gov. Ivey and Steve Marshall

Ivey and Marshall released their response Thursday afternoon.

I-Team: Motion filed for mental health evaluation of Jimmy Spencer

Spencer is accused of murdering three people in Guntersville after being let out on parole.

I-Team: Victims' families not impressed with parole board's plan

The parole board said it plans to implement these changes in 30 days.

I-Team: Alabama parole board's corrective action plan submitted

The Board says it will review its plan prior to parole hearings and plans on following actions in the next 30 days to ensure adequate preparation for hearings.

I-Team: Parole Board plans to present Governor Ivey with corrective action plan

The corrective action plan is hitting its deadline on Wednesday.

I-Team: Parole denied for three people convicted for crimes in north Alabama

Two people convicted for crimes in Lauderdale County were denied parole as well as a woman convicted of killing a Shoals prosecutor's grandmother.

I-Team: Pardons and Paroles Board opens its doors again after cancelling hearings last week

Alabama's Pardons and Paroles Board opened its doors Monday after cancelling all parole hearings the previous week.

I-Team: Alabama Parole Board cancels hearings following meeting with Gov. Ivey

The Alabama Parole Board has canceled all parole hearings for the rest of the week because of Governor Ivey's executive order.

I-Team: Governor Ivey temporarily halts early paroles, changes Parole Board leadership

Governor Ivey held a press conference Monday morning after she and Attorney General Steve Marshall met with the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

I-Team: Birmingham attorney represents Spencer's victims' families in meeting with AL government officials

Birmingham attorney, Tommy James, met with Governor Ivey's legal team and Attorney General Steve Marshall Friday morning to represent the families of Jimmy Spencer's murder victims.

WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: Spencer had long history of negative conduct prior to release

A 600-page document shows the many disciplinary reports that were filed against Jimmy Spencer during his time in prison.

WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: Jimmy Spencer showed little rehabilitation before being paroled

WAAY 31 has worked through hundreds of pages of documents that show Jimmy Spencer had little rehabilitation while in prison.

I-Team: State documents show Spencer stabbed another inmate, got into multiple fights and assaulted a corrections officer

State documents show Jimmy Spencer threw feces, bit a corrections officer and stabbed another inmate.

I-Team: Documents show Jimmy Spencer continued to be violent and break rules in prison

WAAY 31 has 600 pages of Jimmy Spencer's disciplinary actions taken against him over the 30 years he was in prison.

I-Team: Families of victims are losing confidence in the Alabama Parole Board

Multiple families have reached out to WAAY 31 saying they lack confidence in the parole board.

I-Team: Parole Board said they are done with the internal review of Jimmy Spencer case

The parole board said they are done reviewing Spencer's case but won't say if any changes will come about or how he slipped through the cracks.

I-Team: Shoals victim reacts to states possible plan to fix problems in the wake of the Jimmy Spencer case

Jimmy Spencer's victim from Franklin County shot Spencer in the late 80's as he was breaking into his house.

I-Team: Parole board policies and procedures come under fire in wake of Jimmy Spencer case

The analytical tool the parole board uses is coming under fire from multiple people and state agencies.

I-Team: Triple murder suspect pleads not guilty by reason of insanity to seven charges related to triple homicide

Jimmy Spencer will appear in a Marshall County courtroom for an arraignment hearing Tuesday morning.

I-Team: Parole Board warrant issued after murder charges

The WAAY 31 I-Team keeps digging into parole documents that spell out how a criminal serving a life sentence was let out on parole, continually broke conditions of his parole and is now charged with killing three people, including a child, in Guntersville.

I-Team: Parole Board requests warrant for parolee 5 months too late

We've learned from the Alabama Department of Corrections, issued a warrant for Jimmy Spencer's arrest on July 21st. The Alabama Parole Board requested this warrant on July 20th.

I-Team: Shoals lawmaker says some laws need to be given another look in wake of Spencer case

Some lawmakers say laws need to be changed in the wake of the Jimmy Spencer case.

I-Team: Triple homicide suspect had multiple run-ins with police prior to murder arrest

After Jimmy Spencer's run-in with Guntersville Police he was arrested by Sardis Police.

I-Team: Mission Center said they notified the state when Jimmy Spencer walked away

Mission Center says they notified the state when Jimmy Spencer walked away from their facility.

WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: Jimmy Spencer in contact with parole officer after leaving facility

The WAAY31 I-Team sat down with Spencer's lawyer and learned Spencer was still in contact with his parole officer even after walking out of his assigned facility.

WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: Alabama Parole Board reviewing Jimmy Spencer's case

The parole board is reviewing Jimmy Spencer's case after he was paroled and months later arrested for capital murder.

I-Team: Change in Alabama law lead to a victim not being notified about Jimmy Spencer's parole hearing

Under the Justice Revisement Act of 2015 the parole board now defines victims differently.

WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: Victim of Jimmy Spencer wonders how he could have been set free

A victim of Jimmy Spencer in Franklin County sat down with WAAY 31 expressing his disappointment in the parole board for letting Spencer out on parole.

I-Team: Sardis police claim they notified the state about Jimmy Spencer's arrest, yet nothing was done

Accused killer Jimmy Spencer was arrested just one month before allegedly killing three people.

I-Team: Jimmy Spencer was arrested one month before triple murders in Guntersville

In June, Jimmy Spencer was arrested for numerous misdemeanor charges.

I-Team: Is an Alabama law change responsible for letting an accused killer out of jail?

WAAY 31 is digging into a law change that may be responsible for a man getting out of jail before he allegedly killed three people

I-Team: Accused Guntersville killer left Birmingham homeless shelter

Jimmy O'Neal Spencer, the accused killer in the Guntersville triple homicide, may have left a homeless shelter in Birmingham that he was paroled to and nobody seemed to know anything about it.

I-Team: Evidence in triple-murder case found in woods behind Waffle House

WAAY 31 talked with those in Guntersville who say they are proud of the progress investigators have made in the case.

I-Team: Investigators find valuable items linked to Guntersville Triple-Homicide

Mike Turner with Guntersville Police Department told WAAY 31, after investigating hwy 79 South valuable items were found that could be evidence.

I-Team: Investigators release motive in Guntersville triple homicide

The Marshall County Chief Investigator identified the motive Jimmy Spencer had in the Guntersville triple homicide.

I-Team: Man charged in Guntersville murders has extensive criminal past

'It enrages me that he was out,' said one prosecutor who knows Jimmy O'Neal Spencer's violent past.

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