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Urgent care clinic extends hours to meet high demand for COVID testing

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ApproXie Urgent Care Madison

ApproXie Urgent Care Madison

One urgent care clinic in Madison is going above and beyond to meet the high demand for COVID testing.

ApproXie Urgent Care Madison is usually open until 6 p.m., but this past week, nurses have been staying until 10 to make sure they can test as many people as possible. One might think those extra hours are overwhelming, but the nurses are excited to help the community during this Covid-19 surge.

"Our supply has been so high right now. A lot of patients are very sick, so we try to stay open just a little bit past closing time to help others out," said nurse practitioner Haven Brolsma.

Brolsma said she offered to stay past the clinic's usual closing time to help patients "because some people don't get off work until 5 or 6 in the evenings, and we close at 6 p.m."

She said the clinic has been testing patients until 10 p.m., often seeing at least 250 people a day.

Although that's a daunting number, the medical assistants aren't fazed.

"I kind of look with some excitement that we can kind of continue to increase our numbers after hours and reach some of those people that might have a hard time getting some health care help," said medical assistant Ella Delorme.

They are helping those who might not be able to get a test otherwise. 

"They don't have to go home wondering do they have Covid or not to their family members or anything, because they can come here and get tested," said medical assistant Kaily Borroughs.

They say the extra hours are worth it if it will keep the community safe.

"Anybody that comes in, even during normal hours but especially after hours, knowing that we're supposed to be closed and we are open, everybody is super appreciative," Borroughs said. 

In addition to testing people at the clinic, ApproXie Urgent Care is fully stocked on at-home Covid tests, which they sell at the clinic.

The clinic was back to regular hours for the weekend, but staff plan to extend hours next week to keep up with the demand.

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