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Lifeguard shares pool safety tips

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As the heat turns up you may look to take dip in the pool to cool off.

While pool days are tons of fun, your safety should be the top priority.

Adam Hill, a local lifeguard, says no running on the pool deck is rule number one and his most important.

"A kid falls on the pool deck and they hit their head and cracked her head open. That’s not good," said Hill.

He followed that up with why being aware of 'no diving' signs in shallow water are there to protect you.

"Hitting your head, concussions... knocking yourself unconscious and then you’re just laying down there at the bottom of the pool and the lifeguard or a parent would be the one to go in and get that kid," said Hill.

He also mentions the mandatory 10-minute rest break for kids under 16, saying that gives children a chance to rest and even avoid heat exhaustion and other injuries and illnesses.

He says depending on how heavy your meal is, try and wait 15 to 20 minutes before entering the pool, because a bad outcome affects everyone.

"If a kid throws up in the pool, we do have to close the pool for at least two days," said Hill.

He also emphasized pool safety goes beyond strictly lifeguards.

"We are on duty in case of an emergency but the parents should also be watching over their kids. That’s a big thing for me," said Hill.

He believes if parents are going to be 100% engaged in what their children do, anything less than 60% is not ideal.

"There’s a mom sitting on the side reading a book, she should still keep an eye on her kid because... we are lifeguards and we are trained but we can also get distracted too. We’re humans, we do make mistakes," said Hill.

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