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North Alabama family raising awareness for RSV after 8-month-old son dies from virus

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A North Alabama family is raising awareness about RSV after one of their twins died from the respiratory virus and the other spent more than a week in the hospital because of it.

"It started with a simple cough then his fever got up Friday night, so we carried him to the hospital. Then Monday they decided to put him to the PICU, then just a couple hours later it just all turned for the worse," Charles Hardy, the father to the twin babies, said.

It was on that Monday night Charles and his wife Taylor had to say a painful and unexpected goodbye to their 8-month-old son Case, who had contracted RSV.

It wasn't long before the RSV nightmare for the family continued. Case's twin, Brinlee, started showing RSV symptoms.

"He passes away and we were on our way home and we got the phone call that she was running a fever and had a cough so we went straight back to the hospital," Hardy said.

"It was like reliving a nightmare. We just left the hospital with everything that happened and then now we're turned around with our daughter headed to the same place right beside the same room," he said.

Brinlee would also spend a week in the hospital with the same respiratory virus. She's now home and doing better.

"It's the best thing in the world, but it's also hard only bringing one kid home," Hardy said.

Now the family is hoping by sharing what happened to them, it will bring more awareness to other families about the severity of this virus.

They said doctors are using what happened with Case to find better treatments for the virus.

"The doctors said that Case didn't die in vain, that it brought awareness that Albuterol medicine is not the cure-all for RSV and other viruses that Case had. So, they're doing a lot more research into different medicines so maybe there is a better medicine out here for it," he said.

The family says the support of family and friends has been helpful during this time and people they don't even know have been reaching out offering their condolences.

They said they hope Case's legacy will live on, and they'll show Brinlee videos of her twin brother as she grows up to keep him in her memory.

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