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Huntsville City Council approves multimillion-dollar "Northern Bypass" road project

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Huntsville City Council unanimously approved a multi-million dollar ring road project!

The new "Northern Bypass" is meant to 'bypass' all of the pesky traffic building up within the city. It's part of a bigger plan called the "Restore Our Roads" project with the Alabama Department of Transportation. They are helping pay for these new road improvements.

"With them providing their share of portion of those funds, we can move forward in bidding the project and managing and getting the project completed," explains Shane Davis, the director of urban and economic development for the city of Huntsville.

An exciting new development coming to Huntsville, after the city formally accepted funds from the Alabama Department of Transportation to get the ball rolling on the Northern Bypass project.

This new ring road will connect Pulaski Pike to Highway 431, bypassing all of the traffic and congestion in the city.

"Potentially, I can see a day when someone who lives in Hampton Cove can drive to Research Park without having to fight the traffic congestion in the medical district, and basically bypass it and come around," says council member Bill Kling.

Kling has big dreams, and he's eager to see the new ring road come to life.

"What do you see as being the timeline of when conceivably we can see people out there breaking ground?" Kling asks Davis.

The answer is sooner than you may expect. "We're currently anticipating bidding the project in late summer of '22," says Davis.

A project that could completely change the way you travel through Huntsville.

"We're getting close to what councilmen Kling alluded to about being able to take a portion of the city and take a totally different route than we're accustomed to to get to the other side of the county or other side of the city," says Davis.

He says the project will only take a little over one year. With construction bidding starting in 6 months, you could start a whole new commute as soon as fall of 2023.