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Morgan County Sheriff's Office seeking to grow Project Lifesaver service

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Morgan County Sheriff's Office seeking to grow Project Lifesaver service

Project Lifesaver

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is asking for more people to get involved in Project Lifesaver, a program that can provide additional safety for individuals who are prone to wandering away from home.

The program focuses mainly on individuals with dementia, autism and other medical conditions. The service is free for eligible individuals thanks to support from Pilot Club of Decatur, a local nonprofit aimed at influencing positive change in communities.

The program works by providing participants with a bracelet that transmits a radio frequency. This bracelet can alert the participant’s caretaker if they leave the home and help locate the participant if they wander.

Local law enforcement agencies who participate in the program, like the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, are also trained on which residents in their area are registered with Project Lifesaver and the best practices in search and rescue for residents with a cognitive disorder who have wandered from home.

However, training and technology can only help so much, especially if there aren’t people to help sponsor the program and participate locally. That’s why the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reached out on Facebook this week to ask for more people to join their Project Lifesaver program.

“As the need for the program continues to grow, we are looking for additional partners to help provide the service,” the sheriff’s office explained. “To set up a new participant for the first year, the equipment costs roughly $367.16, and to maintain an existing participant costs roughly $71 a year.”

Project Lifesaver has helped rescue more than 3,700 people since 1999, and it’s all thanks to the support of local law enforcement agencies and community partners. To help the Morgan County program or enroll a loved one in Morgan County, click here.

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