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Juror in Mike Blakely trial says they’ve been threatened, property vandalized since guilty verdict

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One juror shares what it was like inside jury deliberations for one of the most high-profile criminal cases in Limestone County: former sheriff Mike Blakely's corruption trial.

The juror says they are emotionally drained and scared of the public's reaction after the guilty verdict - especially since Blakely had so many supporters with him every day inside the courtroom.

For that reason, the juror did not want to go on camera out of fear of what they described as angry citizens who have threatened them on social media and vandalized their property after the guilty verdict was read.

They said jury deliberations were not easy, describing the process as "very intense, stressful, and emotional at times." They added many of the jurors were crying behind those closed doors.

They kept going back over the evidence and testimonies relating to all 10 charges Blakely was facing.

After continuously going over the instructions the judge charged them with, they finally came together after 10 hours of deliberations with a unanimous vote on every count.

Now that the trial is over, they said, "I have seen us jurors called more names and then threatened more than I have ever seen on any case."

Even though their job is done, the events of what happened inside that courtroom will stay with the juror for a long time.

Blakely's trial also took a lot of time away from the jurors' daily life.

With one full week of jury selection, two weeks of witness testimony, and two days of jury deliberations, they were following this trial for almost four weeks.

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