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As the heat wave continues, more people are ending up in the ER

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Temperatures are heating up

Temperatures are heating up

The extreme heat is taking a toll, as more people are suffering from heat-related illness.

But there are things you can do to make sure you don’t end up in emergency rooms because of the heat. Doctors say the best things to do are limit the amount of time you are outdoors and stay hydrated.

"With the hot weather, people are getting very dehydrated. It takes a lot of the heat out of the body, but it depletes our water, usually forces us to sweat a lot, and the first sign of it is people get very lightheaded," Dr. Ryan McMorries said Wednesday.

McMorries is the medical director in the ER at Decatur Morgan Hospital. He said it all comes down to being properly hydrated.

“It adds up, because the body has enough reserves for one or two days of hot weather, but when you’re going into a couple of weeks of hot weather, we have to really prepare ourselves," McMorries said. "We need to hydrate and plan on having shorter days outside with more breaks.”

Doctors can usually treat heat exhaustion with IV fluids and plenty of rest.

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