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There are great paying jobs doing important work that are going unfilled. Skilled to Work is a WAAY 31 initiative to educate the community about a nationwide shortage of workers in the skilled trades.

Too many parents and children think that the only way to get a viable career is by earning a 4-year college degree. The skilled trades also offer great benefits and retirement packages. Many of them only require two year degrees, certification programs, training programs, or apprenticeships.

As workers retire, companies are struggling to find enough qualified employees to replace them. There is a desperate need to solve the problem. We want to help change the conversation from being college-ready to being career-ready.

Every Thursday at 5 p.m. & 10 p.m. WAAY 31 News will bring you stories about jobs and what it takes to get them, what unique things companies are doing to recruit, and the critical role the skilled trades play in our community.

Check back at this page for opportunities and resources that can help you get Skilled to Work!


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