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Alabama Original: Quietdale Mansion

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A project three years in the making is almost complete in North Huntsville.

The Quietdale Mansion has a rich history in Huntsville dating back 168 years. Most recently, Ross Hickey and John Francis are the men at the helm. They spend their 9-to-5 working hours as cybersecurity engineers.

But early mornings, late nights and weekends are spent a little differently.

They are spent restoring the historic, Huntsville-iconic, 168-year-old Quietdale Mansion.

"It's something that we're passionate about," said Hickey.

The vision? "A hub of activity and happiness," said Hickey.

The mansion was originally built for original owners William and Caroline Robinson. Caroline lived there and entertained guests.

Since then, the mansion has changed ownership quite a few times. 

As far as the future goes, an event venue is the latest title the mansion will serve. Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, whatever the occasion is — it's ready to be celebrated at the mansion.

For now, Francis and Hickey are studying blueprints, putting together the pieces and giving the historic home a facelift.

"It's incredible how long it stood the test of time," said Hickey. "It's still standing, still available for everyone to see."

The home has two floors and two wings — plenty of room for guests. The idea is for party-goers to enjoy themselves downstairs and outside. The second floor is designated for the hosts only.

The masterminds behind this renovation are now looking forward.

"There's a lot of different stories we've heard from people within the community about this home," said Francis. "Specifically, people who grew up around Lee High School. They had music lessons here; they had art lessons here. The home is an intricate part of the north side of Huntsville, and we want to bring that back."

And to get it there, they have a motto: "Merge Huntsville's history with its future."

The two bought the home about three years ago. They expect renovations to be complete as soon as 2023 and are excited to start bookings.

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