Parole Hearings Expected To Restart Nov. 1

Parole hearings in the state have been postponed; Breken Terry discusses what needs to happen before those hearings resume.

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 6:43 PM
Updated: Sep 11, 2019 6:43 PM

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board. and tonight - the waay-31 i- team has learned - all parole hearings in the state have been postponed until november first! that impacts more than 600 cases! waay31's breken terry is live with the information she uncovered about what needs to happen before those hearings resume. breken? the parole act, signed by governor ivey in june, requires the board to give victims a 30-day notice about a parole hearing. sounds simple right? past leadership didn't do that. according to the new director's team they did not have proper phone numbers, and addresses for victims and that's why they've postponed these hearings until november to ensure that every victim is notified. waay31 reached out to tonia bass on the phone. we've interviewed her on multiple occasions about past failures of the parole board. her brother was murdered and his killer came up for an early parole. in october 2018.. that hearing was abruptly cancelled, because a series of waay31 i-team investigations uncovered flaws in the system. bass- once the governor gave them chance after chance they threw it in everyone's face i mean this doesn't just affect us the victims this affects all of alabama. in bass's case the board called secondary family members, not the main ones they were supposed to contact. in july, governor ivey appointed judge charles graddick as the parole board's new director. his office tells the waay 31 i- team, it will take a lot of time to gather correct phone numbers and addresses, so they can be compliant with the law. and while the cancellations may be drastic, bass is just glad to see some movement in the right direction. bass- it's a blessing i know that the families that are sitting back waiting are probably relieved that they don't have to deal with this for a little bit. especially the ones who aren't notified correctly like we weren't. last week former executive eddie cook along with assistant executive director chris norman and personnel director belinda johnson were all placed on paid leave pending disciplinary proceedings. they had about four months to prepare for these changes and work on victim notification. graddick's office says they did nothing. bass- i was glad on that because it was overdue and still i think them being on paid leave shouldn't happen but i understand the process and i'm anxious to see the outcome of that. bass told us they don't have a parole hearing yet for her brother's killer but said she hopes more people will be removed from the department. bass- i'm glad graddick is in there and i hope he is kicking butt and taking names and getting people out of there graddicks office has told us improper victim notification is just the tip of a quote titanic iceburg when it comes to the problems at the parole board. we know they are looking at a variety of issues but they couldn't go into details about that yet. live in flo bt
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