New Futures

Jenna Ross tells her story of how she became homeless and what helped her and her family survive.

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 5:50 PM
Updated: Sep 11, 2019 6:02 PM

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31's will robinson-smith joins us in studio to talk about the unique work that one group is doing here in huntsville. will? one of the hurdles that many homeless families face is where they can find shelter. many times, a shelter for some of them, doesn't mean shelter for all. i recently visited "new futures" here in huntsville, which offers a different approach we're trying to get it together, slowly but surely. it's been a difficult road for jeanna ross and her family. their journey into homelessness began just before christmas last year. we were living with a friend. it was me, my husband and we have four kids. and we kind of got put out. ross said one of the big challenges for her was finding somewhere they could all go. i was kind of shocked with how people don't like to keep family together. how they like to split everyone up. so by prayer, i found new futures. and her story is not unique. right now, we have two single dads with kids. there's nowhere else they could go, anywhere around here. so this place has a special place for people like that or mothers that can't take their older boys. it's just special. tara hogan is the board president of new futures. she says one of shelter's main selling points is that it doesn't separate teenage or adult men from their families. but that unique quality also means high demand. it has never had an empty room since i volunteered, since the first house was opened. it's always been full and there's always been a waiting list. right now, the shelter is trying to raise money to buy the shelter building and eventually expand. we want to grow and be able to help more families get back on their feet and educate them so we break that cycle for those families. i know people look at shelters like, hmm, they're just there to use it and they're just abusing it and that's not the truth. some people just run into situations. tomorrow will be the third year that we're partnering with new futures for a telethon to help raise money for the shelter.
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