Auburn players break down areas of concern

The Tigers are gearing up for a week three battle.

Posted: Sep 10, 2019 10:47 PM
Updated: Sep 10, 2019 10:47 PM

Speech to Text for Auburn players break down areas of concern

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we are going to play a fun little game called addressed auburn fan's concerns. auburn is 2-0 with kent state coming to town this week for homecoming on the plains. the tigers got a win over a top 15 team in the first week, but questions from that game regarding auburn's offense rolled over into week two when the green wave washed away auburn's running game in the first half holding auburn to only 20 rushing yards. first concern, the offensive line, who had a hand in the dismal ground game early on against tulane. jack driscoll explains what went wrong. so we only got 5 to block, 8 minus 5, thats three right there, that was another thing, they really put the pressure on, wanted to take away the run, make us throw, they wanted to test bo, bo responded, had a great game, a lot of people don't understand, when safties start coming down, and blitzing, we can't, if they're making the plays, we got to change some stuff up and that's what malzahn did. well another concern is making the adjustments. against both oregon and tulane, auburn was able to make offensive adjustments in the second half, and get things going. i asked freshman qb bo nix about this concern, and when auburn will start adjusting earlier. the second game of the year, you don't really know what they're going to do. we only have one game on video, from the previous week, so as the season moves on, we'll see what they're doing on video, because its hard to compare to last year's film, because they're a differnt team. an area that's not a concern is auburn's defense. the guys are nasty, they only allowed one touch down in 7 quarters. the defense looked excellent against the green wave. and tulane's quarterback was a sec recruit, playing at lsu before heading to new oreleans. however, tulane, did silence the auburn crowed on the first drive when they scored a field goal. so in both games so far, the defense gave up points in the opening drive. the big guy marlon davidson explains the d's adjustments. we just settled down and played auburn football, you know the first drive, you still got the jitters, you gotta get settled in, you know the offensive coordinators first 10 plays are their best plays, stuff you've never seen before, then we adjust, and play auburn football.
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