Alabama high schools don't test athletes for steroids or SARMs

Alabama high schools don't test athletes for steroids or SARMs

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 8:01 PM
Updated: Sep 6, 2019 8:01 PM

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a new high school football season is about to kick off - but local schools aren't ready to throw a penalty flag on a "performancing enhancing drug" becoming more popular. we're talking something commonly known as sarms. it can help athletes but also cause serious heart problems. college and olympic athletes are banned from using them... waay 31 investigative reporter breken terry learned high school students in alabama are not even tested for them, and sarms are hidden in dozens of products. gill- sarms if are to be believed are a way to get performance enhancement or muscle development without using steroids. they are banned in sporting events. dr. marlin gill told me selective androgen receptor modulators-- or sarms-- are often marketed as 'legal steroids.' in 2017, the food and drug administration warned the performance enhancing drug isn't approved for human usage. gill- one of the football players for clemson got banned for the use of ostarine so there are some pretty good studies that show muscle gains and athletic performance. the drug comes in a variety of names from ostarine to enobsarm. in total... the us anti-doping agency says there are 72 products using sarms and in many cases isn't even listed on the label. graham- if you get something like sarms out there hidden in some other supplements you really wouldn't know if your having that or taking that and if kids are taking that it could have long term effects on them. drug tests busted 30 college students for using illegal drug in 2018. that's nearly double the number from the year before. florence city schools athletic director byrom graham researched the drug and said he's concerned with the growing trend. graham- it could be easily fooled to kids because kids are always wanting to get bigger faster. the fda said sarms can cause serious health complications such as heart attacks or stroke. but knowing someone is taking sarms is hard to determine without a drug test. graham- it doesn't have some of the side effects with kids acting different but it does have effects on the liver and other things as well. graham told me the alabama high school athletic association doesn't require schools to even test for steroids... never mind advanced drugs such as sarms. schools can test for them but choose not to because each test could cost up to 150 dollars. graham also claims a lot of high school students don't even know about sarms. graham- it's not something that's really popular out there right now if you talk about just old supplements like kreotine and things of that nature they know about that but sarms is just one of those things that's still under the radar. graham said educating student athletes about the dangers of performance enhancing drugs is something they focus on. graham- you want honest athletes and everything they have is their natural given abilities so you don't want anything that's going to enhance them or have a long term effect on them at the same time. look live or live tag: graham urges parents to talk with their kids too. in 2018, congress attempted to make distributing sarms without proper labeling a felony. it failed. in the shoals bt
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