Teen Charged With Drug Trafficking

Alexis Scott investigates the arrest of two teenagers this week in Mentone, AL.

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 6:40 PM
Updated: Sep 6, 2019 6:40 PM

Speech to Text for Teen Charged With Drug Trafficking

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records about the cemetery, soon. new information... meth and a loaded gun! a drug trafficking arrest has people in the town of mentone, alabama, worried for their safety. drug agents arrested two teenagers this week ... after a traffic stop that took a crazy turn. waay-31s alexis scott picks up the story, along highway 117. this highway is heavily traveled for anyone going to atlanta or nashville. but mentone also attracts a lot of tourists, since it's located on lookout mountain. people here were stunned to learn of the drug trafficking arrests. mike norris, owner of mentone market "we're worried about the safety of everyone here in mentone. it's troublesome to hear something like that is happening here," mike norris owns mentone market right off highway 117. he told me he's never heard of anything like this happening and now hopes people will pay attention to their surroundings. chief gene mckee, mentone police "if you choose to come to another state and bring your drugs through mentone, going wherever you're going... you will without fail, or no hesitation, you will be charged with everything that we can charge you with," mentone police chief gene mckee tells me it was one of the scariest he's made. on wednesday, police tried to stop a driver who was weaving through the street. police then saw the car on the tag, was hand-written! when they turned on the lights, they say someone in the car threw out a loaded handgun, right near a school. chief gene mckee, mentone police "my thoughts exactly, was end this before it gets to the school," within minutes, police say the driver crashed into a nearby field. they arrested 16-year-old lanson smith and 18-year-old megan palmer, both of georgia. the dekalb county narcotics unit helped in the case. sheriff nick weldon has a message for anyone who tries something similar. sheriff nick weldon, dekalb county "i can assure you there is a complete dead end to that future, in a future of drugs in dekalb county," both lawmen tell me they're glad the situation was resolved, before innocent people were hurt. nat sound of nick weldon "god bless," the two teenagers are currently in the dekalb county jail. 16-year-old will be charged as an adult due to the large amount of meth found in the car. reporting in dekalb county, alexis scott, waay-31 news. mentone police told us there are thousands of cars that pass through their highway... and with that number looking to increase, they may start looking into how to
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