World War II veterans commemorate 75th anniversary of Battle of the Bulge

World War II veterans commemorate 75th anniversary of Battle of the Bulge

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 4:42 PM
Updated: Sep 6, 2019 4:42 PM

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happening now -- six local world war two veterans are on their way to europe. they're headed to belgium, luxembourg and germany ... with the group "forever young senior veterans." waay 31's rodneya ross was at huntsville international airport ... for the send-off this afternoon. ll : i had a chance to talk to one of those veterans before he went through tsa to board that plane. his name is george mills. he was actually captured and was a prisoner of war for five months and on this trip he's going to go back to the home that he was captured from and visit with that family. sot sgt. george mills "i got captured in the battle of bulge. the two divisions surrounded our company and no one could get to us." that's how george mills became a prisoner of war while serving in world war two. he told me the year was 19-44 and his company was down to six rounds of ammunition. realizing they didn't have enough ammo to fight -- the company surrendered. sot "they took the officers put them in concentration camps. took the privates and put them on work details. most of them in coal mines. and they took all nco's and started us marching style...which is on the czechoslovakia border." mills told me during his time in captivity they weren't fed...the only time they ate was at night in the barn they were held in, where they had sugar beets and rutabaga. after enduring five months of captivity, a military track vehicle arrived. sot "and when it turned there was a big star on the side of it, of course, we recognized it as being american. so by the time they got to us we took the guards over." now in his 90s, mills told me he has kept in touch with the daughter of the people who were trying to help them when they were captured. he sends letters and christmas cards..and will get to meet her for this first time on the trip. sot "oh yeah, i'm anxious to see her. yeah we're quite friends i've just never seen her." ll : now george and those other veterans will be back here in huntsville on september 14th and again the public is welcome to come out and welcome them back home. in hsv, rr, waay 31 news. eight other veterans are on the trip. .they'll meet the at the atlanta airport. the anniversary of the battle of the bulge is not until december, but they're
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