Forever Young Vets Leaving

14 World War II veterans will be visiting Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany as part of a healing trip with Forever Young Senior Veterans.

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 8:04 AM
Updated: Sep 6, 2019 8:04 AM

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waay 31's rodneya ross is live at the airport now with a look into their special trip. live's quiet here now but in a few hours this area will be filled with people helping send the veterans off on their special trip. these local veterans are just six of 14 who will visit belgium, luxembourg, and germany as part of a healing trip with forever young senior veterans. vo these veterans all fought in world war two... five of the six here in north alabama fought overseas -- while one remained here in the states. i talked to the program coordinator for forever young seniors and she told me this trip will be a way for the veterans to return to a place that they last saw in shambles and devastation and be welcomed back by the citizens in those countries -- who regard them as heroes. while on the trip a couple of the vets will have a chance to visit locations that hold personal memories for them...including one vet who was a prisoner of war. "he was a pow for five months and he's kept in touch with the family that owned the house where he was captured. and so, forever young is returning him back to that house where he was captured." live there will be a send-off for the veterans right here outside of the security area. that will be at 11-30. we'll be here at the airport for that send-off and we'll be talking to the veterans about their experiences. live in
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