Staying Safe While Working Outside

Waay 31's Sydney Martin reports from a Huntsville car wash on how they're keeping their team from overheating at work.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 7:03 PM
Updated: Aug 13, 2019 7:03 PM

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keep people cooler. our coverage continues now with waay 31's sydney martin. she stopped by a huntsville car wash to learn how they keep their team from overheating! syd, "people who work at lee's car wash are outside in the heat all day long. with heat indexes in the triple digits, they purchased a thermometer gun to find out how hot cars are this car registering at a 121 degrees. people here telling me they're just doing anything they can to keep cool." ronnie brown, lee's car wash, "i picked up as high as 165 on the hood of a car. you know when i put it on the pavement it was like 115" ronnie brown told us the heat wave has him watching his employees closely and making sure he has more than enough people on staff. ronnie brown, lee's car wash, "we probably have enough people to do 300 cars on a day like to today but were probably only going to do about 150 so there's plenty of time to get breaks" brian thomas works in the detail area...he told us being able to dress for the weather and preparing for the heat makes it bearable. brian thomas, details cars, "whether that's being able to wear a cut off short or shorts or something that will keep you comfortable and cool. as well as being provided with any hydration that we might need to stay fit and to stay in shape" the car wash is equipped with many fans..and employees even cool themselves off with the water...they told us they do whatever it takes. brian thomas, details cars, "i think the hardest thing to do is stay focused. the heat can be a distraction to many people brown told us he knows they're not the only ones working hard in this heat ... and he knows it's worse for others. ronnie brown, lee's car wash, "its not easy but there are a lot tougher jobs - construction, roofing, plumber, you know digging a ditch. there's a lot of tough jobs out there or as tough" in huntsville sm waay 31 news. brown tells us he doesn't just take precaution in a heat advisory. anytime the temperature is above 90, he brings out the fans and provides drinks for his employees..
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