Keeping Seniors Safe in the Heat

Activities director of Madison Manor, Brittany McCall talked about the importance of staying hydrated.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 5:40 PM
Updated: Aug 13, 2019 5:40 PM

Speech to Text for Keeping Seniors Safe in the Heat

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waay-31s alexis scott is live at madison manor where she spoke with staff to learn how they keep everyone safe during days like this when it's extremely hot outside, the staff here make sure everyone has access to water stations like this one... because staying hydrated and keeping an eye on the elderly during this weather can make all the difference. brittany mccall, activities director "when we're cold or hot, they're a different temperature than we are. so normally when it's hot to us, it might be a little cool to them," brittany mccall is the activities director for madison manor and she is one of many who makes sure everyone is staying cool. she told me an elderly person's body reacts differently to the temperature outside. so while it may be warm outside, and the average person is comfortable... their body could be telling a different story. brittany mccall, activities director "they can get sick. their immune system is lower than ours so they can get sick," usually, residents get time outside but because of the dangerous temperatures tuesday, staff restricted outside time earlier this morning. the people who work here go around with hydration carts and fruits high in water to keep everyone hydrated. but mccall told me they also do room checks and water checks to ensure everyone's safety during this heat wave. brittany mccall, activities director "make sure that all their units in their rooms are between 72 and 74 degrees. we also make sure that their hydrated 3 times a day or more, usually, residents get time outside but because of the dangerous temperatures today, staff restricted outside time to earlier this morning. reporting live in madison, alexis scott waay-31 news
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