Huntsville movers battle the heat while on the job

Huntsville movers battle the heat while on the job

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 4:51 PM
Updated: Aug 13, 2019 4:51 PM

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being in the heat is brutal for many people working outdoors...and especially for those who have to do heavy lifting. waay 31's ashley carter followed some movers as they loaded up a house to see how they get through their workday. ashley? i am inside a moving truck right now where temperatures can reach about 105 degrees...and match that with the heat outside pulls phone out to show heat and temperature outside it's looking like a pretty rough day for movers out here. aj westbrook, mover: "it's just hard. like the temperature right now, 94, it's pretty bad." aj westbrook has been a mover for a couple of years now... and also trains new movers at two men and a truck he told me he tells them to pace themselves when they are first starting out... aj westbrook, mover: "everybody was like pretty much new to the heat at one point or another so. anthony ferguson, mover: "it gets easier with time" aj westbrook: "yeah i guess something like that: anthony ferguson is the leader of this moving project on tuesday...which is going to take about 5 days to complete. he says he looks for ways to keep cool anyway he can. anthony ferguson,mover: "if i'm able to get a quick break like i am now, come inside in the air conditioning, out of the heat and grab some boxes." james brelsford, homeowner "it's a hard time to be able to do it, but we're inside too so we're trying to keep the air conditioning on." the manager for two men and a truck says movers are trained early on to look for signs of heat exhaustion. drew vandiver, manager "the main thing is just watching who you're working with, and we talk about you know educating our guys on some signs." and as the leader of this team...ferguson is making sure he does just that. anthony ferguson: "every 15 to 20 minutes we drink water, we make sure that everybody is hydrated we check on each other constantly throughout the day." "if he goes down then we have to pick up his slack so it's not really good if he overdoes it." the heat advisory is in place until 6 p-m- tonight... but it doesn't look like movers will get too much of a break from the heat with temperatures at about 92 degrees for tomorrow. in huntsville...ashl ey carter...waay 31 news
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