LawCall: Aftermarket Car Parts

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses OEM car parts, and how insurance will only usually pay for aftermarket parts during repairs.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 12:58 PM
Updated: Aug 13, 2019 12:58 PM

Speech to Text for LawCall: Aftermarket Car Parts

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for a few decades. >> and you've been on tv for a few decades. >> well, we have a question, if your car is damaged or in a wreck, do you have a choice in the type of replacement parts you get. >> this is one thing that people bring up all the time talking about property damage in a motor vehicle wreck and if your car is damaged but not a total loss, the responsibility is on the other people to one, pay for the repairs and pay for any dimunition or decrease in value to your car in the wreck and in the repairs done, and the question is whether they have to put brand new parts on your car or whether they are use after-market or used parts and really what they have to do is put parts back on your car that are reasonably in the same condition as what you had on your car, so they don't have to buy necessarily brand-new parts. they can use after-market parts as long as they are the same quality as the parts that initially went on your car and if there is any dimuntion value you can receive some money for that so they can use used or new parts but have to put it back in the same condition it was in. >> do i have to keep my eye on it. >> absolutely, you look at the estimates and when the repairs are and after it's done, you
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