Extra Precautions To Protect Athletes

Waay 31's Ashley Carter reports from James Clements High School with what's being done to keep athletes at practice safe in the city's extreme heat.

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 6:42 PM
Updated: Aug 12, 2019 6:42 PM

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happening now.. the start of high school football is just a week away -- but tonight, coaches have to take a second look at their practice plans! waay 31's ashley carter joins us live from james clements high school with what's being done to keep athletes safe in this exteme heat! the football players still took the field in full pads even with the heat index at about 107 degrees...but coaches and trainers were all around to make sure they were keeping their players safe. wade waldrop, head football coach: "this is a full padded practice on the hottest day of the year so it's a needed day, but it's definitely one we got to make sure we're taking care of our players with." wade waldrop is the head football coach at james clemens.... he told me on hot days like this one...coaches and trainers come up with a game plan to make sure they're keeping the players safe. this includes stopping practice to let them take water breaks....letting them take their helmets off if they aren't doing a drill...and keeping a close eye out for kids who look fatigued. wade waldrop, football coach: "the heats not gonna keep us off the field, but what we will do is we will modify our plan, we'll modify the amount of time that we give them to rest, we'll modify the amount of time between the reps that they get and then the amount of hydration that they get." steve busch is one of two dads watching his son practice on monday...he says he doesn't worry about his son practicing because he's confident the coaches know what they're doing steve busch, football dad: "the coaches do a great job of monitoring and keeping an eye on them and they understand the condition cause most of them have played." busch says he and his wife also make sure their son is taking care of himself even when he's not on the field steve busch, football dad: "he stays cool,hydrated and stays in the air conditioning you know when he's not out running." the heat advisory is expected to stick around for tomorrow...but these players will still be out here working hard and gearing up for their first game next friday. live in madison...ashley carter....waay 31 news
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