Mother Nature could either help crops or dash hopes for North Alabama farmers

WAAY 31 spoke to a farmer about his concerns about the extreme heat in the coming days.

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 4:45 PM
Updated: Aug 12, 2019 4:45 PM

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mother nature could either help north alabama crops - or dash farmers' hopes. waay 31's alex torres-perez shows us how the extreme heat could impact farmers this week. right now, cotton fields are reaching their peak need for water. that's why some farmers say the heat advisory is causing some concerns for their harvest. "you hate to make it all the way into the middle of august and have a good crop. and it starts stressing now and we start losing yield right now. brady peek is a farmer in limestone county. he says his cotton crops have a lot of potential right now, but the extreme heat is taking a toll on his plants. "our crops are kind of in a sense kind of like humans. they don't do near as well in the extreme temperatures." peek says right now his crops need up to 2 inches of rain every week. but that need increases as temperatures go up. they are using a lot of water, but with the extreme heat they're using that much more trying to keep going." he says the heat can cause stress on his crops which means his cotton plants will start to shed fruit. "we are after the white fiber. so if it starts to shed fruit, that's just less of the cotton fibers we going to be able to harvest at the end of the year." that's why peek says he's praying for some rain in the next few days. as farmer, we take great pride in what we do, but weather is just one of the many things that's out of our control, so we try to do the best we can do. reporting in limestone co. atp waay 31 news. peek says he is also mindful of what he's doing in the field during the heat. he says he's trying to stay in the shade as much as he can - and drinks lots of water to stay hydrated.
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