Madison Couple Has Advice That Could Save You Money

They Narrowly Dodged a Mail Scam on Their Trucking Business

Posted: Aug 10, 2019 6:38 PM
Updated: Aug 10, 2019 6:38 PM

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one madison couple has advice for some people that could save them money and a headache... this comes after they were almost scammed out of thousands of dollars. waay-31s alexis scott tell us how they're trying to help someone else stay out of trouble. a piece of mail with no return address but all of your information would think it was really for you... now one couple want you to know you should never trust anything you see or hear. scam attempts can happen anywhere at any time.... and most people believe them to happen with a weird phone call or by a device that could copy your card information... but this time a new attempt happened through the mail. jimmy fields has a trucking business and someone almost made him believe his registration was outdated. but he and his wife quickly made a phone call to the u-s department of transportation to verify if they needed to pay... they told him it was fake and to alert the authorities... fields was able to save himself... but he wants to make sure no one makes the mistake of believing everything. jimmy fields, business owner "just be careful. don't just jump in there and pay whatever they want you to pay. don't do it," fields told me it's important to always trust your gut... if something feels even a little wrong, call the police or call someone at the federal level to verify the information. reporting live in madison, alexis scott waay-31 news
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