Huntsville Police Fitness Incentive

WAAY 31 Reporter Kody Fisher took the HPD training course to see how rigorous it really is, and how officers qualify for an incentive package.

Posted: Aug 9, 2019 10:38 PM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 10:53 PM

Speech to Text for Huntsville Police Fitness Incentive

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new tonight at ten... the huntsville police department anticipates half of its officers will try and take advantage of a brand new fitness incentive. it was passed by the huntsville city council thursday night... it requires officers to take a physical test to see if they're in shape... if they pass... they get a 2.5 percent bonus... thanks for joining us tonight. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay 31's kody fisher spent the day taking the test to show you how difficult it is... and how it could impact public safety and the health of officers... ... right now... huntsville police requires their officers to take a fitness test every other year to be on the street... but that test doesn't include things like push-ups... this new test does... pkg: nats: 22 push-ups in a minute... nats: 25 sit-ups in a minute... nats: then pushing a car 15 feet... nats: sprinting for 50 yards... nats: scaling a 6 foot tall fence... nats: another 50 yard sprint... before climbing through a window... nats: a balance beam... and then dragging 165 pounds 15 feet... all within 90 seconds... nats: after all of that... they have to run a mile and a half in less than 15 minutes and 28 seconds... nats: joe deboer is a training adviser for the department... he says passing this test is required by the state to become an officer... it's harder than the test officers take every other year... joe deboer/training adviser huntsville police department "it's more difficult in a sense that you have to be more well rounded." for officers on the street... joe deboer/training adviser huntsville police department "it should be something that is attainable at any point in time." the department tells me they only anticipate 50 percent of 419 officers trying to get the bonus... because some are not on the street... lt. michael johnson/huntsvil le police department "they're in different administrative positions that may not necessarily need to do some of the things that some of the younger guys do out in the field." right now... the city doesn't know exactly how much the bonus will cost taxpayers... because no officers have even taken the test... but they do have money in the budget for it... the department says it could balance out with lower health care costs for the city in the long run... lt. michael johnson/huntsvil le police department "if you stay physically fit your entire career it is proven statistically that you will have a healthier life." nats: deboer tells me having this incentive will mean officers will be able to protect and serve huntsville better... joe deboer/training adviser huntsville police department "if our officers are physically prepared it one hundred percent correlates to mental clarity and being able to perform mentally." to get and keep the bonus... officers have to pass the test twice a year... if they fail at any point... they lose their bonus... the first opportunity for them to get the bonus... will be in the spring of next year... as for me... i passed every part of the test... except for 22 push-ups... i was 2 short... reporting live in huntsville... kody fisher waay 31 news...
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