Back To School Traffic troubles

Waay 31's Sydney Martin reports on why drivers in Northwest Madison County are seeing major slow downs because of back to school traffic.

Posted: Aug 9, 2019 7:08 PM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 7:08 PM

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new at six. some drivers in northwest madison county are seeing major slow downs because of back to school traffic. waay 31's sydney martin learned more about the problem and how it's being addressed. richard hawkins, lives in madison county, "my youngest brother goes to sparkman and i actually know he has been tardy everyday this week because traffic and he hasn't gauged it right." people who live in the harvest and monrovia communities told me they are definitely noticing traffic congestion as students headed back to school this week. phil vandiver, madison county commissioner,"you got the work traffic that's added up and now you got the school traffic on top of that. those together are just a nightmare." commissioner phil vandiver said he's aware of the traffic problems. vandiver told me no changes are made during the first week of school because everyone is getting adjusted to having more cars on the road.. something some drivers told me they've already made adjustments for. jeremy chambers, lives in madison county "i try to leave a little bit earlier than usual to try to avoid the extra traffic." however, if traffic doesn't ease up next week, county engineers will take a look at traffic patterns near the schools in the northwest part of the county. phil vandiver, madison county commissioner,"looking at situations and see if traffic timing change the timing on some of the lights. change the traffic if you have more traffic coming from one direction." hawkins told me his early morning commute this week took 30 minutes longer than he's hoping a solution might be found fast. richard hawkins, lives in madison county, "i wish they would do it a little sooner than that, but i'm always happy to hear about progress." in the meantime, he said he'll be relying on traffic maps to tell him the fastest way to get to work. richard hawkins, lives in madison county,"i go whichever way waze takes me and every day is a different thing especially if it's calculating the school traffic." syd "commissioner vandiver told me he's asking the community to be patient as they work through traffic troubles for the morning and afternoon commute during the first few weeks of school. in madison county sm waay 31 news." vandiver told us his advice to all drivers is to leave early if they're headed somewhere during the school rush...and if possible find a route
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