Both Sides Submit Documents To Judge

Steven Dilsizian reports from the Madison County Courthouse with an update on court orders in the "Baby Roe" case and explains what the orders are.

Posted: Aug 9, 2019 6:59 PM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 6:59 PM

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new details at 6... attorneys for the alabama women's center have officially submitted court documents in the landmark "baby roe case". they filed their proposed order two days past deadline... and asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit against them. the deadline was wednesday. thans for joining us this evening. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay 31's steven dilsizian is live at the madison county courthouse to explain what the orders are - and what a "missed deadline" could mean. steven? both sides get right to the point in their proposed orders, asking for the judge to sign on the dotted line --- to either dismiss the case, or allow it to continue. i talked with a huntsville attorney who says these documents give each side a last chance to convince the judge. take sot: nick lough - attorney in huntsville "the way that i see a proposed order is it's the last opportunity for you to argue your case and why it should have the outcome that it should have" nick lough is an attorney in huntsville. he is not working on this case but says proposed orders are common in any type of case, whether civil or criminal. attorneys in the lawsuit against the alabama women's health center in huntsville were asked to submit proposed orders two weeks after a motion hearing in late july. take sot: nick lough - attorney in huntsville "a judge is going to set a deadline in anything, it's not just proposed orders, there are deadlines for all kinds of court documents" the lawsuit stems from the plaintiff, ryan magers, who says the abortion clinic is responsible for the wrongful death of his unborn baby. magers says the clinic provided an abortion he never wanted his girlfriend to have, and the unborn fetus, baby roe, deserved to live. a probate judge granted personhood to the unborn fetus in march, giving him or her, rights. magers' attorney submitted his proposed order on august 5th. but the defense did not submit theirs untill friday, 48 hours after the deadline. i asked lough what happens if the deadline is missed. take sot: nick lough - attorney in huntsville "what happens when you don't meet a deadline? well, it kind of depends, there is no clear cut answer on that" he tells me a judge can see it in many different ways, they could hold it against the attorney in the case or not. it's unclear what the impact, if any, it will have on this case. at this point in the case, the only thing to do is wait for the judge's decision. judge comer mentioned in court he expects there to be an appeal no matter what he decides. sd waay 31 news.
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