First week of school for Huntsville students is now in the books

First week of school for Huntsville students is now in the books

Posted: Aug 9, 2019 4:30 PM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 4:30 PM

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we have more information. the first week of school for huntsville students is now in the books. this afternoon we're getting a chance to see how things went across the district. thank you for joining us tonight -- im dan shaffer. and i'm najahe sherman waay31s sierra phillips is live in hampton cove where students are being dropped off. sierra? dan, najaha, in the last hour i got five-day enrollment numbers from huntsville city schools. it's right at 24-thousand ... which is on track with the average. the district admits there are always some kinks to work out in the first week. ward- "you expect to have some glitches, there's always some first week glitches as we like to call them, but its been fairly smooth fairly quiet." i met up with huntsville city school district spokesman keith ward to find out what those first week glitches are, and how the district is working to fix them. ward- "just two weeks out from school we maybe had 20 percent that still hadn't completed their online student registration." ward says the main issue has stemmed from student registration- without it they can't properly divvy up class sizes, bus routes and materials. ward- "that's why we start back in march, april pushing those messages out asking parents to do that returning school registration for the coming school year." he also says a main initiative is safety during pickup and drop off. ward- "if it says 25 miles an hour, you need to be 25, you don't need to be 26 or above." ward said the district works with huntsville police to make sure people aren't speeding in school zones or near buses. one neighbor told me she's seen a lot of people disregarding the speed limit this week. elmer- "the speed limit is 25 and they're going over 35...with all the children around it's very very dangerous." there have even been reports of speeding around drop off lines near schools. ward says the police are keeping an eye on it. ward- "they have patrols out, they're monitoring school zones, they have a zero tolerance for speeders." regarding those first- week enrollment numbers ... that number could rise as more people register. it's an important number because the state uses it from the first 20-days ... to determine how much money the district will get. reporting live in huntsville, sierra phillips,
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