Working on Mental Health to Prevent Shootings

Arnold Mooney and Tommy Tuberville comments on mass shootings .

Posted: Aug 9, 2019 7:46 AM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 7:46 AM

Speech to Text for Working on Mental Health to Prevent Shootings

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waay 31 got the chance to speak with two u.s. senate candidates on gun control in the wake of the 2 mass shootings in ohio and texas. alabama congressman arnold mooney told waay 31 he would work on improving mental health services to prevent mass shootings ... if he's elected to the united states senate. this comes in the wake of the shootings in el paso texas and dayton ohio where 31 people were killed. right now... mooney is one of six republicans running for senate seat held by doug jones ... mooney agrees with president trump that something needs to be done. "we've got to look at the root cause. what causes this type thing to occur? it's evil. it's just incarnate evil, mental illness. we've got to spend time to understand how to deal with that problem." mooney told waay 31 he is not in favor of stricter background checks as a way to prevent mass shootings. waay 31 also spoke with former auburn tigers coach and u.s. senate candidate tommy tuberville. he told us the nation should focus on mental health after last weekend's mass shootings. tuberville he toured the decatur-morgan entrepreneuria l center. he told us he's traveling the state, talking to voters about what they want. we got the chance to talk with him about the changes he thinks should come after the tragic events in el paso and dayton. the republican told us ... gun control should not be the focus. tommy tuberville, u.s. senate candidate "you know guns don't kill people, people do... and we've really not had a plan over the years of mental health. there's no plan," tuberville told us if you take guns away - criminals will just use other weapons. he says congress should focus on more treatment centers in rural areas and keeping people with mental illness off the
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