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Huntsville childcare centers using measures to keep children safe during heat advisory

Huntsville childcare centers using measures to keep children safe during heat advisory

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 4:43 PM
Updated: Jul 11, 2019 4:43 PM

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as we keep an eye on the heat advisory for our area, we wanted to know how local childcare centers are keeping children safe from the heat. waay31s sierra phillips is live at a daycare center in north huntsville. as she found out, they're avoiding going outside as much as possible, sierra? this week-- these outdoor toys at this huntsville daycare aren't seeing a lot of playtime. people who work here tell me they're keeping kids inside because of the heat and finding other creative ways to stay cool. slocum- "its so hot, just, take your breath away hot." tequila slocum is the assistant director of the academy of learning and character development in huntsville. on nice days-- kids at the daycare will spend time outside. but under our current heat advisory, daycare workers are taking extra precautions. slocum- "its up in the hundreds and we definitely cannot take them out then." but--- this daycare does make one exception. nat pop kiddos running under the hose slocum- "we'll play in the water tables and the water hose." slocum says if they do have an issue, they have a plan in place . slocum- "ice packs that we will apply to their back and to their head and we'll call parents and the hospital as needed." so far, this daycare hasn't seen any heat related issues-- but others in huntsville i talked with say the heat is having an impact on their kids. an employee from a different daycare told me they limit outdoor time to just 15 minutes when it gets this hot, and even in that time, kids are sweating and ready to go back inside. slocum- "we don't put ourselves in that situation and we definitely don't put our kids in that situation." but-- for kids at this daycare the heat does have its perks. slocum- "they like the heat because they get to be spoiled with ice cream." just this week the kids here headed over to a splash pad to beat the heat. and employees are emphasizing the importance of hydration this whole week. reporting live in huntsville, sierra phillips, waay31 news.
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