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Residents feeling the heat at apartment complex

WAAY 31 is getting answers for people who say they've been dealing with an air conditioning crisis during this heat advisory

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 10:41 PM
Updated: Jul 10, 2019 10:41 PM

Speech to Text for Residents feeling the heat at apartment complex

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new at ten. waay 31 is getting answers for people who say they've been dealing with an air conditioning crisis during this heat advisory... darrius sykes/lives at serenity apartments "it's getting to the point where i can't even breathe at night." that is one of the people living at serenity apartments on golf road in huntsville. they says the complex is not doing enough to fix the problem... waay 31's kody fisher is finding out just how hot it's getting inside these apartments... ... the people i'm speaking with tell me it's been a roller coaster of temperatures... sometimes their air conditioning will work... sometimes it won't... and with the heat advisory... they couldn't take it anymore... nats: "it just keeps going up." darrius sykes tells me he's been living at serenity apartments for a little over a month... he says his air conditioning keeps going in and out... sometimes leaving his apartment at 82 degrees... when he tells the complex... they come and fix it... but it hasn't solved the problem... darrius sykes/lives at serenity apartments "early that day it will be real cool. night time it will go out and probably stay out the entire day." his downstairs neighbors are having the exact same issue... they tell me their apartment has hit 90 degrees... priscilla rice/lives at serenity apartments "i just want some air so i can sleep comfortably at night. i mean, it's hot in there." roughly 30 minutes after i started interviewing the people who live here... a contractor came to look at the air conditioning units... they told me the unit for sykes's apartment needed coolant... but they could not tell if it had a leak... kody fisher "the contractors working over at serenity apartments tell me air conditioning units like this one can only keep the inside of an apartment, or house, 20 degrees cooler than it is outside. they say there's a lot of other contributing factors that play into how effective a unit can be." the sun beating down on the side of a building... poor insulation... and open blinds can all prevent an a-c unit from keeping a home or apartment cool... sykes and his neighbors are glad a contractor looked at the units... but they're skeptical about whether or not it will last... when i went into the main office to find out exactly how many people in the complex are dealing with this issue... the managers told me they could not comment... and they forwarded me on to their corporate office in birmingham... i called and left a message... but i have not gotten a call back... in alabama... landlords are legally required to keep air conditioning units in good and safe working condition... huntsville is considering a "rental registration program" and required inspections for rental properties. you'll soon be able to have your voice heard on the issue. the registry would aim to stop issues caused by landlords who may live out of town. tomorrow -- the huntsville city council will hold a work session where they want to hear your thoughts on the matter. they also want to know what you think of plans for commercial and residential
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