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High Temperatures Cause Lawn Mowing Business Boom

Sierra Phillips how the heat is big business for lawn care services.

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 6:58 PM
Updated: Jul 10, 2019 6:58 PM

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if you're trying to beat the heat by booking a lawn care service ... you might be out of luck for the next couple of days lawn companies across madison county tell us they're getting so many calls, they're having to turn people away. waay 31's sierra phillips is live to show us how the heat ... is big business. sierra? pushing a lawnmower is probably the last thing many of you want to do right now. lawn care workers tell me that's exactly why their phones are ringing off the hook. they're warning employees what to look out for, to make sure they don't overheat. gothart- "you stop sweating, you start getting stomach cramps you might start getting a little dizzy." that's what ron gothart from ron's mobile lawn service says he felt when heat exhaustion hit him one sunny day while working outside. gothart- "when you get overheated and get sick or get nauseated you've gone too far, and when you're gone too far its hard to recover back." he says that means his workers have to take it slow-- but it's hard to do that when more and more people don't want to mow their own lawns in the heat. gothart- "i've had to turn people away....i've had to turn two away today." gothart isn't alone-- i called more than a dozen lawn care companies today. the ones that got back to me said they've had to either turn away new clients, or reschedule appointments because of the heat. gothart- "business is good....but its hot. you've got to take care of yourself." gothart says he tries to drink water, wear sunscreen, take breaks, and wear a hat. he says his wife calls him every four hours to make sure he's doing just that. gothart- "i wear sunscreen and a big hat.....i don't have on my hat today so i'll be in trouble." the center for disease control recommends if you own a lawn care company check in with your workers when the temp gets this hot, remind them about the dangers of heat exhaustion and stress the importance of staying hydrated. reporting live in madison county sierra phillips waay31 news.
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