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Alabama's second universal playground coming to Huntsville

Alabama's second universal playground coming to Huntsville

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 4:14 PM
Updated: Jul 10, 2019 4:14 PM

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hours. when temperatures get this high, hot playgrounds can be dangerous for children. in hampton cove ... a new center on taylor road will keep kids cool. but it will also be alabama's second universal playground. waay-31s alexis scott is live to explain why a playground is needed in that area. alexis? dan, najahe, right now it's ... and hot playground equipment can cause serious burns to kids at this time of day. the universal playground will be shaded all around ... and give kids with special needs a place to interact. create a common space for children and caregivers of all abilities, to be outside, to get off the television, get off the xbox, meet someone you might not talk to," jessica berkholtz is part of the committee creating the inclusive playground. she told me this area will be great for children who have autism or any special need. some parents say it will help their kids learn better social skills. melissa jones, parent "they can take turns, learn that, practice that. practice sharing, share the swing, that kind of stuff," melissa jones has two kids with high functioning autism. she says the design of this universal playground will keep her kids safe. not only will it have special colors and learning tools, but it will be totally shaded ... because the heat can be a trigger. melissa jones, parent "children get overwhelmed, any child would. they're going to fight or flight," the playground costs 750- thousand dollars. the city of huntsville will give 50-thousand ... and the group has raised 11-thousand. they're far from their goal, and stress this is something everyone can benefit from. melissa jones, parent "for typical children to see children with disabilities. being able to interact with them and know that they might be a little different but they're still just a kid," they still have to complete the design and get all the materials, but jones and berkholtz can't wait for the day the playground opens. jessica berkholtz, member of grow cove "it'll be honestly a dream. if we can make this happen and build this for our children, and for all the other children and their parents," the playground will have a special flooring for wheelchairs ... and have material in every section for kids who struggle with basic skills like holding things. to help donate, you can go to our website at waay-tv dot com. reporting live in huntsville, alexis scott waay-31 news the only other universal playground in alabama, is in hoover.
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