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Broker arrested for harassment over parking

Russ Russell, one of the biggest names in Huntsville's real estate market, spent less than two hours behind bars on charges of harassment and disorderly conduct

Posted: Jul 9, 2019 10:39 PM
Updated: Jul 9, 2019 10:39 PM

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tonight, we're learning more about the well-known real estate broker who was arrested this afternoon. we're also getting our first look at the alleged harrasment... here's pictures sent in from an anonymous viewer -- showing multiple incidents -- reportedly all over a parking spot. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. one of the biggest names in huntsville's real estate market -- russ russell -- who's real name is william russell -- spent less than two hours behind bars on charges of harassment and disorderly conduct. waay 31's scottie kay found out what put him in jail in the first place - and spoke with people who say they witnessed it all unfold. scottie? i'm here at merchants walk off south memorial parkway, and the parking lot i'm standing in is not only the parking lot of russ russell's office and several other offices he rents out. it's also where many people say they witnessed him harass another tenant, all over a parking space. chances are, you've seen one of these signs while driving down the road. "russ russell commercial real estate" is behind multiple multi- million dollar land sales in the area, and even more smaller property sales in huntsville and madison county. some of the current listings on the group's website include stores and office space. i spoke with people who work nearby told me they witnessed the reported harassment in the parking lot, and said it lasted several months. these people didn't want to go on camerasome saying they were afraid of some sort of retaliation. a viewer sent us this picture, saying it's a car russell rented with pictures he took of how the victim parked their car in the front windshield. we spoke with russell over the phone and he admitted to this and said the victim's parking caused "damaged" other vehicles. he also confessed to making a notebook with those pictures and sharing it with other tenants. he also admitted to posting a sign at the spot that said "parking instructions of america." currently in the parking lot, there is a sign posted that warns "one space per vehicle. violators subject to southern harassment." a nearby tenant sent us this picture of another sign they say russell posted in front of that parking spot. we've blurred it to protect the victim's identity but the sign demands the victim pick up her quote "cancer sticks and dog poop." russell told waay 31 the victim in this case is the worst tenant he's ever had. huntsville police say russell tried to have the spouse of the victim trespassed from the property and said the spouse was not allowed to "wear shorts" on the property. i've reached out to the victim in this case, but i'm still waiting to hear back. reporting live in huntsville, sk, waay 31
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