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3M Investigating Potential Chemicals In Landfills

Steven Dilsizian spent the day digging for answers about who is being held accountable for 3M.

Posted: Jul 9, 2019 5:54 PM
Updated: Jul 9, 2019 5:54 PM

Speech to Text for 3M Investigating Potential Chemicals In Landfills

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die while at stephens gap this year. new information tonight -- waay 31 is trying to get answers about who is holding 3m accountable ... for potentially toxic chemicals in the tennessee river. the company announced monday it's investigating old landfills that were active in the 1950's. waay31's steven dilsizian spent the day digging for answers, trying to find out what happens if the test results come back positive. im told 3m has already taken samples from the deer springs and old moulton road landfills. but they still need to go to one more site and then test the samples for any chemicals! take vo: 3m announced it's investigating three former landfills in morgan county for potentially dangerous chemicals called pfas. those chemicals could cause cancer. but the question remains, what happens if the samples come back positive? and what will be done about it. i called the 3m headquarters and asked them just that. but i was simply told... it depends on what is found. i was then pointed to the announcement the company made on monday. 3m stated quote "we will find and fix them" if there were any issues related to pfas. but the company would not go into detail as to what actions would be taken. the company says dumping chemicals into the landfills was allowed back to the 1950s and the company followed the rules from decades ago. in 2000, 3m says it voluntarily stopped producing the toxic chemicals. i reached out to the alabama department of environmental management to see what repercussions the company could face, but they never returned my call. so i turned to the city of decatur who requested this investigation be done, asking how 3m would be held responsible. the mayor told me he can't comment because of an ongoing lawsuit. that's referring to a class action lawsuit --- where 3m settled with the west morgan east lawrence water authority earlier this year, for 35-million dollars. i've also reached out to the tennessee riverkeeper, an environmental group that has filed a separate suit against 3m, the city of decatur and decatur utilities, to find out where that case stands. i haven't heard back. right now, the samples from the landfill in brookhaven still need to be taken before testing will begin. in decatur -- sd -- waay31 news. right now there is no timeline of when the landfill samples will be tested. decatur city officials say the drinking water in the
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