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LawCall: Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Attorneys Will League and Bart Siniard discuss the advantages and necessity of having uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage.

Posted: Jul 9, 2019 11:48 AM
Updated: Jul 9, 2019 11:48 AM

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to and we'll pull them out for shows just like this. getting us started tonight we have will league from siniard, timberlake & league. uninsured, um coverage, what is that and why do i want it? >> will league: it protects you against the unknown. insurance companies, when you find an insurance company, oftentimes it's a value of whether or not they are going to pay a claim or the value of that claim. underinsured motorist covers you against uninsured drivers. all of us have to have insurance. all do not have have to have uninsured coverage. there's a movement of insurance carriers to sign that rejection. it protects against the unknown, if you have an uninsured driver you have a collision with and how you get your car paid for, if you have injuries, it will cover you for that. oftentimes the scenario is, let's say i had a case last couple months ago, illegal immigrant, didn't have insurance, hurt my client real bad, you know, totaled her vehicle, and he was transported back to mexico. there was no recovery against him, obviously, there was no insurance. they couldn't find the defendant but my client had underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage that would protect her against any unknown loss or unknown loss that is out there. so it's cheap insurance to obtain. insurance companies would like you to sign a rejection and by law you have it unless you sign that rejection. and so it's difficult for the insurance carriers because they are protecting against an unknown and they want to try and eliminate that variable, so it's not uncommon for your agent to ask you to sign that rejection. you do not have to. you have to pay a little more, but it's easy, it's cheap coverage to obtain and, you know, it's something that you may need. you know, we've got excellent guest with us tonight. we have bart siniard become one of my partners at siniard, timberlake & league and oftentimes a client comes in and says, i was hit, this person doesn't have enough coverage. what are the scenarios you see? >> bart siniard: there's only a few ways to get compensated when you near a wreck and the other person is at fault and you have medical bills or property damage. the first and most obvious is the wrongdoer's insurance. however, the most recent study is about 1 in 7 people in alabama are driving around on the roads without valid car insurance >> sharon doviet: wow! 1 in 7. >> bart siniard: think about that when you pull up to a busy intersection. i see people almost every day who have been in wrecks with somebody who has either no insurance or has what is called the minimum liability limits, which means they have $25,000 in coverage. and if you have serious injuries, and even though that person does have coverage, but it's the minimum, $25,000 doesn't go a long way, and that's why it's so important, like will was saying, to have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage because even if the person does have shushes, you can make a claim on your own insurance coverage if your claim is more valuable than the other person's insurance limits >> will league: a lot of people don't know about it unless they need it. when you go, who reads all that stuff when you're at your agent? i get it, but that's something you want to make sure. if you're going to be fully covered, have uninsured. don't sign the rejection, because you may need it and it's terribly valuable to have. we've had several death cases where there's not enough coverage and there's just -- obviously, you know, there's medical bills, people leaving behind loved ones trying to take care of them. so it's relatively, again,
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