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3M investigating landfills for toxic chemicals

3M announced it is investigating former landfills in Morgan County for potentially dangerous chemicals

Posted: Jul 8, 2019 10:40 PM
Updated: Jul 8, 2019 10:40 PM

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new at ten, we're hearing from homeowners after 3-m announced its investigating former landfills in morgan county for potentially dangerous chemicals. at the request of city and county officials, 3-m has agreed to check out the former brook-haven, deer springs, and old moulton road- mud tavern waste disposal sites. thanks for joining us. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay 31's scottie kay joins us live from the brookhaven site where she talked with folks who live nearby about the investigation. scottie? the land behind me is one of three former landfills in morgan county that city and county officials asked 3-m to evaluate. the neighbors i spoke to out here had no idea the land even needed evaluating. brittney nance, lives nearby "the aquadome and brookhaven. that's all i've ever known to be there." brittney nance and her family live right across the street from the old brookhaven middle school and the aquadome recreational center. but back in the 1950's, this piece of the land used to be a landfill. brittney nance, lives nearby "i never would've known. i was actually surprised because it doesn't look like an area that would be a landfill." brittney nance wasn't happy when she learned 3-m will soon be assessing this plot of land, looking for potentially cancer-causing chemicals called perfluorinated compounds, or "peefahs. in 2000, the company announced it was voluntarily stopping production of peefahs at it's decatur plant, and says it's been working to address the presence of these compounds in the local environment ever since. now nance is concerned about her children's safety since they spend time at both facilities. brittney nance, lives nearby "i don't want them to be hurt by something that could've been prevented. i don't want them to get a hold of something that could stunt their growth or hurt them in the long run. i have to protect my babies." and this isn't the only piece of land being evaluated. 3-m says they're looking at several former waste disposal sites in morgan and lawrence counties. in light of 3-m's investigation, decatur city officials want to assure folks that their drinking water is completely safe. tab bowling, mayor of decatur "i'm drinking our water. my grandchildren, my two daughters, my wife, our residents are drinking our water. 3m conducts tests on our water and our water is safe for consumption. it's safe for taking baths, it's safe for washing clothes, it's safe for washing dishes, it's safe for swimming in swimming pools." but nance says she still doesn't trust it. brittney nance, lives nearby "we primarily drink a lot of bottled water, but i'm going to be even stricter about it." in a statement, 3m said if there are any issues with these former sites, they will find and fix them. brittney nance, lives nearby "i'm going to keep a close eye on this story, because i really want to know if they do find chemicals." officials with the city of decatur and morgan county tell me they'll announce a plan of action soon to address the presence of possible chemicals in the current decatur-morgan landfill as well. reporting live in decatur, sk, waay 31 news 3-m admitted to dumping potentially cancer-causing chemicals in the tennessee river. that resulted in a 35-million dollar settlement with the west morgan-east lawrence water and sewer authority. those chemicals are in a group called p-fas. 3m says they voluntarily stopped producing p-fas in 2000. but - the u-s environmental protection agency says some don't break down over time. that can cause several health effects if exposed. according to the e-p-a - some of those effects include cancer, thyroid hormone effects, and effects on your immune
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