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Boating Deaths Surpass 2018 Numbers In 7 Months

Waay 31's Steven Dilsizian reports on what's causing the rise in boating deaths in 2019.

Posted: Jul 8, 2019 6:51 PM
Updated: Jul 8, 2019 6:51 PM

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highlights how deadly this boating season has been. tonight - we've learned there have been 5 more deaths on the water this year than in all of 2018! we sent waay31's steven dilsizian to find out what's causing the rise. steven? im here outside of huntsville fire and rescue - their water rescue team stays tuned into boating accidents in the state. one deputy chief tells me as huntsville grows, it brings more people, more money, and more boaters . take sot: derrick stuckey - deputy chief huntsville fire and rescue "it's tragic, that's what it is. i picked that one word because it involves loss of life and injury" huntsville fire and rescue deputy chief derrick stuckey sees it in the news too often. a boating accident, and a death. the most recent event was thursday night on lake jordan just north of montgomery, where two boats collided, and two people died. chief stuckey owns a boat himself and says inexperienced drivers are taking the wheel. take sot: derrick stuckey - deputy chief huntsville fire and rescue "we're tending to have a lot more personal watercrafts on the lake, and those are usually operated by people that are young, don't have the experience. they are high speed, high power machines" take graphic: according to data from the alabama law enforcement agency, 7 months into 2019, there have been 64 boating wrecks and 22 fatalities. in all of 2018, there were 11 more wrecks, but 5 fewer fatalities. ed jackson has been boating for more than 20 years now and is concerned this trend won't stop. take sot: ed jackson - boater "it doesn't take much to have an accident!" he tells me there have been times he has almost been hit by another boat.... because people don't follow the rules of the water. take sot: ed jackson - boater "they've got guidelines for you to follow just like on the highway... stay within the guidelines" chief stuckey sees it too and hopes people start to respect the dangers of the waters take sot: derrick stuckey - deputy chief huntsville fire and rescue "people go on the water and think there's no lanes, i can just go anywhere i want, do whatever i want, go as fast as i want. that's contributing to what we are seeing" im told the huntsville water rescue crew might buy a bigger boat in the future, to help respond to emergency calls.... especially if the trend continues to grow. live in hsv -- sd -- waay31 news.
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