Marshall County Jail gets more money for renovations

The Marshall County Jail is getting more money for renovations

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 10:43 PM
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 10:43 PM

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school starts. new details. the marshall county jail is getting more money for renovations. that's on top of almost 1 million dollars in improvements that are already underway. waay31s sierra phillips learned today the jail clean-up doesn't just have to do with the property, it includes staff too. if you look at the outside of the marshall county jail right now, you'll see new windows---just inside crews have been hard at work fixing ac issues, exposed wires, and even holes in cells. and now the commission just approved 180 thousand dollars for a new roof. havis- "i've seen the work outside of it." a 900,000 dollar jail renovation is underway and sheriff phil sims says there could be more renovations on the way. sims- "those talks are still ongoing.... sometime in the next 30 days we have have some type of resolution on what we can do and what we can't do." it's a price tag some tax payers here in guntersville say they're okay with since it will help cut down on contraband getting into the jail. havis- "you can't have holes in the roof and walls....its just common sense." but the cleanup is more than what you can physically see. on wednesday christopher howard, a former sheriff's deputy, plead not guilty at a preliminary hearing for having marijuana in his car at work. just hours after the hearing, the clerk's office says his status changed to guilty. he was given 18 months probation and he's not allowed to try to work for the county. sims- "he was already employed when i took office....guys we've employed or we have hired have had a real good retention rate." sheriff phil sims says right now they're at full staff-- with just two openings for corrections officers. that's a big difference from last july when the previous sheriff told waay 31 a jail riot was caused by the lack of funding and staff. also that same month, several deputies were arrested for providing contraband to inmates. sims- "at least a year from now there might be a point where we can say okay we've got a lot of stuff done. no construction date has been set yet for the roof repairs. in marshall county,sierra phillips, waay31 news waay 31 has followed this story for months now - and new sheriff phil sim's desire to clean up the jail and get deputies and corrections officers back on track. take a look at this... we were given these photos last month of the marshall county jail and what it looked like before repairs started. you can see just how extensive the damage is. sheriff sims says there used to be an intercom system between cells, but over the years, inmates have removed the parts and created holes. the jail has had a problem over the years with inmates passing contraband and officers bringing it in for the inmates. and last month's bids for renovations to fix the holes inside the jail were approved. the 560-thousand dollar bid was approved for cornerstone detention out of madison. the county commission had to approve the bid before work could start. earlier this year-- improvements were made to the fence outside the
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