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Car Tags Could Help Schools in Marshall Co.

Schools are seeking more money for School Resource Officers.

Posted: Jun 12, 2019 6:43 PM
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 6:43 PM

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may have. new information-- it could soon cost you more money to drive your car in marshall county. the school superintendent made her pitch to county commissioners about why she needs money for school resource officers. we're passed the urgent stage in this. we're really at a crisis mode. waay 31s sierra phillips is live at the marshall county courthouse to tell us what's next. sierra? right now-- the commission is in preliminary talks. no decisions have been made just yet. but they talked about a lot of options for a car tag fee, and how it would be carried out. havis- "kids need to feel safe in can't learn if you're worried about oh my god is something going to happen." people i talked with in marshall county are on board with efforts to add student resource officers... even if it means paying more for something. including sheriff phil sims..... sims- "its very important we have someone on scene that respond to active shooter, fights, whatever." .....and school superintendent cindy wigley. wigley- "its just a must...we need those officers." where opinions differ is-- how it should be paid for. sheriff sims estimates the cost for an officer in all 14 schools at nearly a million dollars-- that includes salaries, training, and equipment. some people i talked to said the district should find the money somewhere else and not raise the fee--- but superintendent wigley told me right now the money just isn't there. and while she isn't necessarily advocating for the funding to come from a car tag fee..... wigley "my push is for the county commission to find a resolution." commissioners say twenty extra dollars per tag would be enough. but-- they're considering exceptions for drivers over 65, households with more than 2 cars, and handicap cars. corey havis lives in guntersville.... he told me in his book the fee would be worth it. havis- "because school shootings and mass shootings are pretty normal now unfortunately." ou can give commissioners your two cents. they'll hold a public hearing here in two weeks. reporting live in guntersville, sierra phillips, waay31 news.
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