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Huntsville public safety leaders preparing for growth

Public safety leaders in Huntsville tell us they already have plans for how they will handle the explosive housing growth in West Huntsville

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 10:41 PM
Updated: Jun 11, 2019 10:41 PM

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them. new at ten... public safety leaders in huntsville tell us they already have plans for how they will handle the explosive housing growth we're seeing in west huntsville... a new apartment complex on balch road at hwy 72 will have 250 units... with that development... there are now plans for 560 new housing units within a mile and a half of each other on balch road alone... thanks for joining us tonight. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay 31's kody fisher is finding out how the huntsville fire department and police department plan on handling this growth and protect you and your family... brandon dent lives off of balch road... he is most concerned about the apartment complexes... and the possibility of increased crime in the area... because of more people coming and going... brandon dent/lives off of balch road "we don't know what type of element that will bring, so of course that requires additional police coverage." the chief of police tells me they've been preparing for this growth for years... part of their plan to handle it includes moving a police precinct to this part of town... chief mark mcmurray/hunts ville police department "those are some of the things we've been designing for years for planning and they're probably going to come about in 2020, but those are buildings. we need more manpower is what we need." right now they have 476 sworn officers... he says for a city of our size... we need 525 to 550... the huntsville city council has approved hiring more officers over the past several years... several people at a public meeting tuesday night voiced concerns about having their homes protected by the fire department... the chief of the fire department tells me they already have plans to build a new fire station in the area to help bring down response time... i asked him what the response time is right now... but he did not have an exact number... chief mac mcfarlen/huntsvi lle fire department "it's still not the response time we want, but one of the biggest issues that we want is we want to get everyone within 5 miles of a station, road miles, so that they can get the benefits of saving on their insurance premiums." while dent still has concerns... he does like having city officials listening to the community... and making plans to fix issues they bring up... brandon dent/lives off of balch road "that's the best that you could ask for at this point." city officials tell us the money to pay for a new fire station and new police precinct is already in the city capital plan
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