Family: Murdered Tuscumbia man died a hero

Family: Murdered Tuscumbia man died a hero

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 8:26 PM
Updated: Jun 11, 2019 8:26 PM

Speech to Text for Family: Murdered Tuscumbia man died a hero

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tonight we're hearing from people close to a murder victim in tuscumbia. kendrick graham's friend calls him a hero, who died protecting his fiance. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay 31's breken terry is live to explain how it all played out. breken? earlier we spoke with graham's future sister-in-law. todd- if he wasn't there martez would todd- if he wasn't there martez would have killed my sister. hollie todd's sister kayla was engaged to kendrick graham. todd said her sister's ex- gregory childress, who goes my martez, was upset that kayla was moving on. todd said kendrick graham was a great man for her sister and her kids. todd- he was wonderful. he treated my nephews like his own they called him daddy. tuscumbia police told waay31 chilress showed up at kayla's grandmothers home here at keller apartments and that's when things turned deadly. todd said kayla had gone there to get her son. and childress approached her with a gun and that's when kendrick got between them. todd- he had every intention of killing my sister and kendrick prevented that so he killed kendrick. todd told us a small child also saw the shooting and her sister is devastated. todd- it just didn't have to go that way it didn't. todd told me she and her family felt some relief when childress turned himself in yesterday. he is being held in the colbert county jail on a 200,000 dollar bond. live in tuscumbia bt waay31.
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