Alligator spotted near Point Mallard Walking Trail in Decatur

Alligator spotted near Point Mallard Walking Trail in Decatur

Posted: Jun 11, 2019 4:37 PM
Updated: Jun 11, 2019 4:37 PM

Speech to Text for Alligator spotted near Point Mallard Walking Trail in Decatur

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this afternoon we are getting a look at an alligator spotted in decatur. a lot of you are talking about this video on social media. the gator was spotted in the tennessee river near the walking trails of point mallard. we sent waay 31's sydney martin to learn more about the "decatur gator" ... and what's being done to keep you safe. parker daigre,lives in decatur, "i was really scared. but sort of like happy because i really wanted to see one. i've never got to see one and it's one of my favorite animals. harrison dagre, lives in decatur, "i like animals and i've always really wanted to see an alligator." the daigre family visited point mallard on tuesday and told me they cut their bike ride short after they learned about the gator that was spotted in the area on monday. lucy daigre, lives in decatur "we didn't know about it until last minute, and then we started to head home. we started being careful when we learned about it." decatur parks and recreation told me they've seen this video circulating on social media-but have not seen the gator themselves. people in the area told me they don't know if the gator will ever be spotted again. larry mellon, visiting decatur, "it would be like hunting a needle in a haystack." parks and rec said after they learned about the sighting they worked to order signs for the walking trail at point mallard warning that gators are in the water. however, they told us no gators have been spotted on the trail. people near the river hope the gator stays off the trails and in the water. larry mellon, visiting decatur,"i've heard alligators can move pretty fast on land." syd, "decatur parks and recreation said it's notified alabama fish and wildlife about the gator spotted in the water. they're asking everyone to be aware of their surroundings. parks and rec told us the gator probably came from the wheeler wildlife refuge. they say there are likely more gators in the tennessee river. in the unusual event that you find yourself squaring off against an alligator here are some tips.. first - run. get away. run away as fast as you can in a straight line. in the unlikely event a gator does grabs hold of you - fight back! rather than trying to open the gator's jaws smack it in the snouth. the tip is very sensitive. also aim for the eyes. jabbing a gator in the eyes may make it release its bite for just a second -- but it could be enough to get away before it pulls you underwater.
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