Mother Of Teen Who Died Demanding Answers

Waay 31's Steven Dilsizian reports on the mother of a deceased teenager and how, consequently, she's calling for an investigation into the Huntsville City School System.

Posted: Jun 10, 2019 7:00 PM
Updated: Jun 10, 2019 7:00 PM

Speech to Text for Mother Of Teen Who Died Demanding Answers

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tonight - the mother of a 14- year-old boy - who killed himself in april - is demanding answers from huntsville city schools. camika shelby claims her son nigel killed himself because he was bullied for being gay. thanks for joining us. i'm najahe sherman. and i'm dan shaffer. waay31's steven dilsizian was there as a well-known civil rights attorney talked about her case. steven, what claims are they making? camika shelby says she was blindsided by the fact that her son was suicidal, but thinks the school knew more than they are letting on. she says she won't let her son's death be swept under the rug. camika shelby - nigel shelby's mother "i had so many questions, that i needed to be answered" that's why camika shelby says she sought legal help, as she tries to come to terms with her 14- year-old son's suicide in april. shelby said when her son nigel died, she tried to get access to his cellphone to find answers. she said school faculty members told her they didn't know his password, but pointed her to a letter in his backpack. it was a note to his mother. take sot: camika shelby - nigel shelby's mother "the fact that they knew that letter was in his backpack, somebody knew that he was planning to do this" shelby said in the note, nigel wrote about trying to be quote "normal" but it got too difficult. kids were calling him hurtful names. she said nigel wrote that he hopes the world isn't so cruel in the afterlife. shelby hired the same lawyers who represented trayvon martin's family, looking for answers. benjamin crump hopes to give them to her. take sot: benjamin crump - attorney "we want to investigate and be able to tell camika shelby exactly what did they tell her child when he reported the bullying?" crump and shelby say if anybody is at fault, its the school system and the adults. shelby also claims school employees told her son being gay was a choice. she says one faculty member did not reveal nigel was having problems until after he died. but she says that was too little too late. take sot: camika shelby - nigel shelby's mother "i honestly feel from the bottom of my heart, if someone had said something, this could have been prevented" shortly after nigel's suicide, his mother told waay 31 her son suffered from depression ... and he had been openly gay for several years. the legal team says they have informed huntsville city schools of their investigation. they do not have a timeline of how long it will last. steven dilsizian waay 31 news. huntsville city schools responded by saying it will work with ms. shelby and her attorneys -- saying in part quote "huntsville city schools is committed to fostering a culture that is welcoming and inclusive and establishing a learning environment that treats all students with equality and respect. we expect all students to treat each other with courtesy and dignity and to refrain from bullying and harassment." to see the full quote go to our website
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