LawCall: Premises Liability

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses a homeowner's responsibility for guests on your property.

Posted: Jun 10, 2019 3:18 PM
Updated: Jun 10, 2019 3:18 PM

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lawcall at waay 31 . getting us started, opening statements tonight, mike michael timberlake is here. you have people around the backyard, around the pool, maybe in your house. if somebody gets hurt in the my house, what's my responsibility? >> it's a big thing. you know, you want to be friend ly, you want to be a good social host. you want to make sure that people come over to your house and have a good time but if it's somebody that comes over to your house and it's an invited guest and if it's not for a commercial purpose, it's not for a tupperware party, it's not for some type of thing that benefits you, then the law law of january na says that you basically don't have a duty to inspect your premises to determine all the hazards that may be present but you do have an obligation to warn guests about known hazards that are there. so you want to make sure that your rugs aren't, you know, sliding all over the carpet. that your floors aren't wet. that there are if there's uneven surfaces, concrete, stairs or whatever or that your lighting is appropriate for the situation so what you really need do is just do the best thing you can to maintain your home in a reasonably safe condition. tell people, hey, if there's a bad situation or if there are holes in the yard, if there are steps that don't work, you know, cordon those off. don't allow people to get this that area and you're going to be
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