Ninja Challenge exceeding expectations in first year

Over 50 people competed in the course on Saturday, June 8.

Posted: Jun 8, 2019 10:52 PM
Updated: Jun 8, 2019 10:52 PM

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the talk of this year's games. almost through with the adult competition here at the ninja obstacle academy. the pros are rounding things out tonight. now earlier today some ninja kids competed, the youngest was can you believe that. i'm telling you these kids looked like the pros you see on american ninja warrior. the ninja challenge is capturing lots of attention in this years alabama state games chris moore: "this sport is the sport kids want to do because it's so different. team sports are going down. people aren't going into attendants and joining football teams. they want to do things that look cool. they want to be superheros, just like this music playing in the background." jason perkins/vice president of internal affairs of the asf foundation: "the excitement of this sport is just something that brings people out. the cheering from the crowd, this is a really fun spectator sport so you need to come out here and watch these ninjas in action." in its first year at the games, the obstacle course is adding a new dynamic. jason: "what exceeds my expectations is the abilities that these kids have. yes it's outrageous. i would never think the 12 years olds would be executing these obstacles so well." competition ranging from youth to adult. jeffrey tuggle: "full completion on this course, it was just so long, i knew there would be a few things i didn't get." chris moore: you know the adults, the big ninja stars from the tv show, they know that this is the future of the sport. these kids are showing level of ability that we didn't even know was possible. huntsville's home to the only ninja course in the state. ninjas from surrounding states are competing this weekend in the rocket city, and even some big ninja celebrities aubriella hairston: "i've never got to meet a celebrity before and now i have, so it's great." jeffrey tuggle/ninja student from madison: "i've been watching the show since i believe season 6 or 7, so once i learned this place was a thing. i was like, let's go." the buzz around the gym? how a ninja challenge could possibly be put into the olympics one day. chris moore: "ninja in the olympic's would blow my mind. i think it's something that people like to watch. you know they have these things were people ski downhill and you have a rifle, i think this is going to be cooler than that." aubriella hairston/ninja student from rainsville: "i want to be on it, so i'm trying to train harder than i was before and pushing myself so i can be on it one day." and how the alabama state games are one of the first to implement it. jason: "this being our first year in this sport and already having over 50 almost 60 competitors, that's actually a really big number for a sport like this, the very first test market only had 24 competitors, so seeing that in alabama, seeing sports like this make it to the olympics we want to feel like we were a part of that." the crowd at this event today has been so enthusiastic and
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