Much Needed Rain for Farmers

Local farmers are very happy for the rain, since they've lost about 40-50% of their corn crop due to the dry weather.

Posted: Jun 7, 2019 6:37 PM
Updated: Jun 7, 2019 6:37 PM

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the rain is a welcome sight for local farmers. waay 31's scottie kay shows us how the dry weather has impacted corn crops in limestone county. while some folks might not be too excited about this weekend's forecast, farmer stuart sanderson says the rain is a good thing for his corn crops . stuart sanderson, farmer "just very fortunate to hear this sweet sound coming right now." the sound of rain on a tin rooffarmer stuart sanderson says it's music to his ears. stuart sanderson, farmer "it's definitely been a tough time since we had the last measurable rainfall in the tennessee valley. unfortunately, it really has impacted the corn crop in a negative way." after over two weeks without rain, sanderson has lost between forty and fifty percent of his corn crops due to the dry weather. which means he's lost money. stuart sanderson, farmer "it's like powder, it's so dry. there's no consistency to it. it just crumbles." scottie kay "this is what a normal, healthy corn stalk looks like in north alabama this time of year, but with the lack of rain, this is the reality. these cornstalks aren't as tall or as vibrant as they should be." stuart sanderson, farmer "it has started turning brown from the bottom up, which is never a good sign." that's why sanderson says he's ready for the rain but, still, it might not be enough. stuart sanderson, farmer "we could get a two-to three- inch rain over the course of the next three or four days, but another dry weather, we'll be right back in the same situation, because our water table has been depleted so far in the soil. it just takes a lot of soaking rain to get that back." sanderson says it's hard to tell right now exactly how much money he's lost but he says he's staying optimistic. and he doesn't believe shoppers will feel a hit to their wallet any time soon, as long as we get the rain we're expecting. reporting in limestone county, sk, waay 31 news
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