People say Highway 72 and Dug Hill Road intersection is dangerous

People say Highway 72 and Dug Hill Road intersection is dangerous

Posted: Jun 7, 2019 5:49 PM
Updated: Jun 7, 2019 5:49 PM

Speech to Text for People say Highway 72 and Dug Hill Road intersection is dangerous

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there has been another fatal crash at an intersection many people call dangerous. two people died around 11:00 this morning when one car t-boned another at highway 72 and dug hill road. the county made upgrades to the intersection last year. but neighbors tell waay-31's alexis scott - it's not enough. some people who live near this intersection told me they call this the cursed intersection. they said they're sick of seeing so many people get hurt because of how dangerous this road is. take pkg brandon curnel, lives near highway 72 & dug hill rd "it happens so regularly around here, it's almost numbing to the fact that there's a wreck," brandon curnel has lived near highway 72 and dug hill road in brownsboro for five years. he tells me he's seen too many crashes to keep count. state troopers on the scene of friday's deadly crash told me, they respond to a lot of accidents here. brandon curnll, lives near highway 72 & dug hill rd "it just makes me confused as to why it's still going on, why hasn't anything been done to correct it and so forth," last year ... the flashing yellow caution light was destroyed in a deadly crash. crews then installed these flashing stop signs on both sides of the road. but curnel told me they've done little. brandon curnel, lives near highway 72 & dug hill rd "for a couple weeks it seems to be working, but then it's back to business as usual back at this intersection," right now a petition is circulating to get a stop light put up at this intersection. it got a boost after friday's crash ... and now has more than 22-hundred signatures. in an email to the woman who started the petition ... the transportation department says a red light would increase the number of rear-end crashes, so it likely won't happen. curnel has advice for drivers , as he waits for something to make the intersection safer. brandon curnel, lives near highway 72 & dug hill rd "slow down and get off your phone. those are the two things i would tell any driver whether they're 16 or 80. just slow it down. if you're at intersection, you have time, you're stopped, to look both ways, for example this way," the transportation department says one solution would be a restricted u- turn ... that would stop left turns at this intersection, but allow them down the road. commissioner craig hill tells me, he's not sure if the state or county would pay for that. reporting in madison county, alexis scott waay-31 news. troopers are investigating today's fatal crash. so far, they haven't released the victims' names.
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