Neil Armstrong's Classic Corvette

WAAY 31 News Anchor Dan Shaffer got a chance to drive a 1967 Corvette once owned by Astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Posted: May 24, 2019 7:00 PM
Updated: May 24, 2019 7:00 PM

Speech to Text for Neil Armstrong's Classic Corvette

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50 years ago - america's astronauts were arguably the coolest guys in the country. military fighter pilots and test pilots. guys with the "right stuff" and a serious need for speed. naturally, the coolest men in america had to drive the coolest car in america. i was on assignment at cape canaveral this week - and found out - you can still spot a very special '67 corvette on florida's space coast. it was a rocket on wheels in its day. 390 horses of lean, mean, low and loud eye candy the very embodiment of speed, style and swagger. just the car for the guys who would fly real rockets into space. the all-american hero who once sat behind the wheel of this '67 marine-blue big block 427 was none other than neil armstrong! "but see, i knew about the astronauts and the corvettes. joe crosby is a soft-spoken classic car nut who loves restoring old cars. he specializes in corvettes. when he found this one, it was owned by a former nasa employee living in georgia. but joe didn't know its history. "it was in the basement, up on jack stands, had boxes all over it. it had become a shelf." it was in rough shape, but aside from a little body damage, in near perfect condition. then he heard this. "and he said, 'oh yeah. that car belonged to neil armstrong.' i said, oh no. he said, 'yeah it did.' i said no it didn't." but it did! and he's got the paperwork to prove it. joe brought it back to his home on the space coast with plans to restore it, but when word got out about its famous previous owner, he was advised to preserve it instead. "the only thing not original is the water pump and the mufflers. the spare tire had never been out of the hanger. it still has the air in it from 1966." each ding and dent, scratch and scrape, a testament that this sports car wasn't just for show. the only real damage was to the back end. the story goes that armstrong was doing donuts in a nasa parking lot and hit a light pole. "they lived a fast life and had a good time. and good for 'em." life's a little slower for this unique piece of automotive history now. joe shares it at commemorative events - in parades and surprisingly with this excited rocket city anchorman! "you know how to drive a stick shift? oh yes sir! you're not going to let me drive this, are you?" but in a sudden lapse in judgement he did! "there you go." even though it was just a short ride on a neighborhood road, for this kid - who watched apollo 11 liftoff at age six this is a ride i'll never forget. "and then i get to come here fifty years later and drive the actual corvette. well, you're welcome. you're quite welcome. very welcome. man that's cool. you get a kick out of this too, don't you. hahahaha. joe bought the car in 2012, the same year armstrong passed away. he's had offers to buy it - including he says - one from the u-s space and rocket center several years ago. but he decided to keep it home in florida - close
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